To contact the Weekend Islamic School, please email: wisboard@islamicschoolofvermont.com

School Hours:

School service takes places at ISVT on Sundays from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.

School Mission:

The Weekend Islamic School offers preschool, elementary, middle and high school level Islamic Studies and Arabic language instruction. We operate under the guidance of the Islamic Society of Vermont. The school’s objective is to provide young children with a comprehensive curriculum that develops and expands their knowledge about Islam and the Arabic language. The education process of the school is conducted within the guidelines of Islamic values and ethics that emphasize respect for all. Our mission is to instill a positive attitude within each of our students that reflects their love of Allah. We believe that each student has unique gifts and it is our goal to help them achieve their highest potential.

Our Story:

In 2006,  a group of parents from our community joined together to work on a Weekend Islamic School project.  Several milestones have been achieved since then, thanks to the hard work of many brothers and sisters.

Today, with the extraordinary commitment of our teachers and with an established curriculum, the school is held weekly on Sundays. The weekend Islamic School runs on a 33-week school year divided into 3 trimesters. Below are few highlights of our school achievements:

• Holding yearly Quran Competitions with awards distributed.
• Encouraging proper praying postures and behavior.
• Enrollment of over 100 students ranging from ages 4 to 16.
• Participation in community service projects and events.

My child has been at the Weekend Islamic School of VT for 3 years and so far it has been a fabulous experience. In looking at Islamic schools we wanted to give our children a top-tier education, and this school delivers that. The community is especially tight-knit and supportive, coming together in good times and bad. The teachers’ love for Islamic Studies and dedication gives them a solid foundation they can build upon the rest of their lives. The administration go above and beyond to make sure the school is run well. We absolutely love the school and highly recommend it.


I truly appreciate how the Weekend Islamic School of VT has helped my 7 year old understand and read the Arabic letters and memorize short Surahs (up to Surah Al-Bayyinah). May Allah reward you for your sincere efforts and grant you more success Insha-Allah.

Islam Hassan