Grade Levels/Curriculum

Our school’s grade levels begin at Pre-K and continue through High School. The minimum age of entry is four years old (by September 1st). Below are some of the general curriculum subjects taught to our students.

Fundamentals of Islam
• The Five Pillars
• Six Pillars of Faith
• Etiquettes of Prayer

• Gratitude/Love for Allah
• Oneness of Allah
• Allah’s Names
• Allah’s Creation
• Six Pillars of Faith
• The Unseen (Angels, Jinn, etc)
• Life after Death (Hereafter)
• Day of Qiyamah

• Life of the Prophet Muhammad (saw)
• Family Lineage
• Childhood and Upbringing
• Revelation, Hijrah, Treaties
• Community and Family Life
• His Character and Qualities
• Family/Sahaba (Companions)
• Hadith

Islamic Manners
• Daily words and Duas
• Family Etiquettes
• Respect for Others
• Helping Those in Need
• Being Active in the Community
• Taking Care of the Environment
• Etiquettes of Eating
• Cleanliness in Islam
• Character (Patience, Honesty, etc)

Additional Topics
• Lives of the Prophets
• Islamic Festivals

• Alphabet Letter Reading/Writing
• Short and Long Vowels
• Maddha, Shaddha, Tansween, Sukoon
• Connecting Letters and Composing Words
• Vocabulary Words

• Miracles of the Quran
• Tafsir (Quranic Interpretation)
• Vocabulary from the Quran
• Surah Memorization
• Reading/Recitation of Quran
• Tajweed (Pronunciation)

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