My child has been at the Weekend Islamic School of VT for 3 years and so far it has been a fabulous experience. In looking at Islamic schools we wanted to give our children a top-tier education, and this school delivers that. The community is especially tight-knit and supportive, coming together in good times and bad. The teachers’ love for Islamic Studies and dedication gives them a solid foundation they can build upon the rest of their lives. The administration go above and beyond to make sure the school is run well. We absolutely love the school and highly recommend it.


I truly appreciate how the Weekend Islamic School of VT has helped my 7 year old understand and read the Arabic letters and memorize short Surahs (up to Surah Al-Bayyinah). May Allah reward you for your sincere efforts and grant you more success Insha-Allah.

Islam Hassan

My daughter has had an awesome experience coming to the Islamic School. She loves attending and has learned a lot. We want to thank Sister Sadia and Affaf for great teaching and guidance throughout the school year. They were very responsive and approachable with any of our concerns. We commend their patience and hard work!


My son has been regularly attending the Weekend Islamic School of VT for the past 2 years. He really enjoys learning about Prophets and Islamic manners. We have noticed his progress in learning Arabic one week after the next. He loves his amazing teachers and friends. With the help of the school, my son is a very proud Muslim, an Arabic and Quran reader, and tries to be a better Muslim everyday.


My child has learned a great amount of knowledge in her first year at the Weekend Islamic School of VT. She has made many friends and will continue to learn valuable Islamic lessons in the years to come. Our family has been blessed with such an amazing school.


The Weekend Islamic School of VT helps our child become a better Muslim. With what the world today holds, I feel so grateful to have a community where I can send my kids into and not worry on their behavior, what they are learning, and with whom they’re around. The school is a positive influence to my kids and the whole family.